Hi lovely! 

  • Just starting a new business?
  • Maybe you've had your business a little while but aren't sure how to up-level?
  • Feeling overwhelmed and stressed at all the things you feel you have to do as well as juggling all the usual- kids, housework, shopping (the list goes on and on)?
  • Know that you need help from someone who has been in business but just aren't in the position to get 1:1 mentoring or coaching?
  • Ready to take action?
  • If this sounds like you and you'd like the support and help to grow your business, then you are in the right place.

I wanted to create something that is more affordable for you amazing women that are just starting out in business and just aren't sure where to start. I've been there and done that, so know how overwhelming being in business can be, let me help you!

This is for you if

  • - you have been wanting to work with me or a mentor to help you get going, but just don't have the financial investment 
  • - you are starting out and feeling overwhelmed by 'all the things' you feel you need to do
  • - need someone to hold you accountable over the months helping you reach those goals
  • - love the idea of having a monthly 1:1 call with me
  • - know that you need to invest in YOU
  • - need help with all the systems and tools that you need to be able to use for your business
  • - know that you need help to get to where you want to be
  • - you are looking to make 2018 YOUR YEAR!
  • -love the idea of a 'mastermind' environment where you'll learn alongside amazing kick-ass women

What modules will there be?

I am looking at 12 monthly modules during the year.

  • -Goal Setting & Numbers. We'll look at the importance of setting goals regularly and making sure you come back and look at what you have achieved. Who admits to being rubbish with their numbers? In past businesses, I have been awful and would never know where I was. This will set us up for the year having goals in place an knowing where we are financially 
  • - Visibility. Do you show up consistently? Daily? Do you keep in touch with your list? Do you use video in your business strategy? I'll be helping you understand the importance of being visible in your business. People buy from people, this will help you build the know, like and trust factor much faster.
  • - Mindset. Do you believe you can do anything? Really? Or do you second guess yourself constantly and think of what could go wrong. I'll be sharing the strategies that have worked for me the past year and how powerful daily mindset work can be to make sure you believe in you.
  • - Branding. Is your Insta feed cohesive and consistent? Does it flow within your brand colours? Do all your channels clearly show your logos, colours and fonts? Do you stay consistently you across all the places you show up? Branding isn't just a logo. I'll help show you how to be more branded.
  • - Social Media. This is a big topic! I gained a foundation Degree in social media a few years ago, yet I've learned so much more using social to grow my businesses organically. I'll show you how to use social media for business growth. We'll also put together a content plan for the year.
  • - Email Marketing & Landing Pages. The thought of setting up an email automation scaring you senseless? Not sure where to start but know you need to be emailing your list? Not sure what to send them- I'll help you set up a schedule. I'll also be showing you how to create stunning landing pages that convert using Leadpages (this is a tool that is chargeable).

  • - Canva. Creating Branded Graphics. I don't know how I survived without Canva- seriously! I use it daily to create graphics for my social media, website and for clients. You can create beautiful, branded graphics that are super quick! I'll also show you where you can get free or low cost stock photos.
  • - Ideal Clients. Ok, so let's get real. We cannot be a perfect match for everyone. The more clear we are on our ideal clients, the more you'll find that your ideal clients are attracted to you and your message. They'll really resonate with you. We'll get clear on who your people are and where to find them. We'll also get you sharing your story and message so you can start attracting your ideal clients.
  • - Opportunities & Collaborations. How open are you to new and scary opportunities coming your way? This month we'll be looking for opportunities that push you out of your comfort zone and push you to your limits. This is how you'll grow. We'll also be arranging collaborations for each of you. 
  • - Productivity & Organisation. Are you utilising your time each day or do you sit and get distracted easily by anything other than what you need to be doing? We'll discuss ways that can help you stay focused and on task and become more organised in your day to day.
  • - Passive Income. Looking for more passive income streams? Want to earn more money. We'll have brainstormin sessions this month to help think opf ways that you can add more revenus streams to your business. I can show you how to start an ebay, amazon and etsy store as well as sell things on your social media channels. We can look at digital products and physical items.
  • - Website Basics. I currently use Wordpess but have also used other websites for clients and can help you out with the basics. Like where to start! Domains, setting up a blog, listing items, writing your about you page. The importance of good copy and images and staying branded.

Watch my video below 

Who am I?

I'm Katie Colella. I'm an award winning entrepreneur that started my first business at just 18. Over the years and through my various businesses, I have learnt invaluable skills to get me to where I am now.

Success means different things to us all. To me it's being able to work from home, around my children, doing something I love, whilst making money and to travel and holiday regularly. So yes, I'm successful!

Some of my my main wins!

* Built a multi-6-figure business from scratch

* Sold 2 businesses for a profit

* No.1 Bestselling Amazon Co-author

* Thrive Global Contributor

* Won a Mumpreneur 'Boost' award in 2015

* 3 business awards in 2017

* Complete re-brand & branding photoshoot

* Mum to two, stepmum to three & wife to one.

Find out more about my story here

I have so much I want to cram in the 12 months that I'm sure a bonus video or 2 may pop up during these months too!  


- We'll be part of a FB group, where we'll all support one another and help one another out. One of the reasons group programs work so well, is because of the support from others.

- You'll have weekly accountability  

- There will be access to workbooks, journalling prompts, mindset work etc as we go  

- We'll have the odd guest speaker coming in to talk to you throughout the 12 months  

- Some ladies started in Jan, and have some have joined as the year has gone on, I've decided to leave the group open to allow ladies to join. The pricing below will reflect the current investment.

I strongly believe in investing in myself and self-development. So as I learn through our year together, that will also get passed onto you!

Testimonials from ladies already part of Success Society

DF- " Yay, I'm looking forward to working with you and the other girls in the group. Definitely the best investment I've made this year"

PE- "Fab 1-1 today"

CR- " Honestly, don't think if I hadn't had that call with you today I could have had the belief & confidence in myself to know my own worth and ability to take on this call today, so really, you helped me more than you realise. I'm so grateful xx" 

HM- "I know I have a way to go but I've started and that's worth a lot. Honestly I feel like I've got someone extra on 'my side' believing in me and that means a lot 😁 x"

HM- "I definitely think I'm back on the right path and you are very instrumental in that so thank you xx"

Debi- "I love this group & the ladies in it, you are all awesome! I am so happy that I signed up to this group, my confidence has grown loads and the support is amazing. I am learning so much about myself and how I can put my personality across in my business. I looking forward to the next 9 months with you ladies and our journey together xxx"

CF- "If you need someone to be your cheerleader and sounding board then this is your girl! I have enjoyed every single day of the last 3 months, not only did I have a Business Mentor, but I came away with a Friend in Business and I am so grateful for our relationship."

What will the investment cost me?

I really wanted to try and make this program more accessible for those that can't commit to the full 1:1 program but want the support and acountability for the full year. A place that I wish I had available to me when I was starting in business. Therefore, I have put together 3 payment packages.


Special price when paid in full

26% off! 

£299- one off payment for the rest of 2018 (until end of Dec) - with 3 x 1:1 calls (and access to all the previous modules, files etc)


x 2 monthly payments of £202.50

Some amazing ladies joined in January, but I decided to keep the Success Society open and have had some more phenomenal ladies join since.  

You'll have access to what we have already covered and you'll still get a monthly 1:1 call with me, so you won't miss out if you jump in now!

If you'd like to jump on a call for a quick chat to check this is for you, drop me an email on help@katiecolellasocial.co.uk


FREE access to my FB ads course!

Plus a 1:1 IG workshop!

  • I accept Paypal and any credit/debit card.


When do we start?

We started Mid-Jan. For those that jump in after this date, you'll receive the monthly 1:1s still and have access to all that has been covered over the past few weeks. Then access until the end of the year!

When do we end?

You'll get access to a module a month for 12 months-so all of 2018. But you can jump in now and join the rest of us!

Do I have to be there live?

No, not at all. It's great to have the interaction of course, but if you can't make it, the recording will go into the group, so you can watch it when it suits you.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the low cost of this 12-mth program & the amazing amount of content I don't offer any refunds. Once signed up the £1500 (or relevant payment) is due for the year (or via monthly payments, which is done as an additional option to make this program as accessible as possible. )

What about the Monthly 1:1 Call

We'll aim to book in each monthly session around the same time each month. We can discuss anything you like or look at something you need help with in more detail. This will be via Messenger or another video call.

Testimonials: Thank you, Katie! I really appreciate you taking the time to speak to me, it was really helpful - thank you. I will work on me! As hard as I find that I really will and I'll start promoting my new business and doing all the things you suggest. Thank you so much. I really appreciate all you’ve done for me! Just that one call has motivated me! Thank you x

Jo Jenkinson

Working with Katie, enabled me to see where I had grown personally in terms of my confidence, my mindset, my knowledge and in my decision making.

Clare Reynolds


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