Sales Funnel & FB Ads Implementation 2-day Luxury Workshop 5th & 6th March 2020

5* Celtic Manor Resort Hotel, Spa Access, Meals, Drinks 

and Your Sales Funnel and FB & IG Ads- Smashed!

You keep reading how all these successful female entrepreneurs are using sales funnels to grow their businesses.  

How they are receiving leads and growing their list whilst they sleep.  

How they are using sales funnels to reach their ideal clients and growing their business on autopilot.  

I'm sure you've heard about sales funnels, but do you know how to make them work for your business?  

This could be you!  

Roll back a couple of years and the idea of a sales funnel scared me senseless. I had no idea where to start and it seemed so hard and techy.  

My first one took me ages!  

Fast forward and I now LOVE them!  

They are a super important strategy to grow your business.  

I've seen them work in my businesses and for clients over and over again.  

Maybe you want to grow your list.  

Maybe you want more visibility.  

Maybe you need more leads and are looking for more sales and clients.  

Sales funnels will make this happen!

I'm not one to tell you they are the magic wand to success, as that would be complete bullshit, BUT they are an important part of creating a business.

What do you need for a business to be successful? Paying clients or customers.

How do you find these clients? One strategy, as part of a larger marketing strategy is to set up a sales funnel/s to nurture your audience. 

It's not a cookie cutter approach and it's not something that alone will bring you 10,000 leads overnight, but when done correctly, they will nurture your audience, make you the go-to and expert in your field and people will feel like they KNOW you and LOVE you and TRUST you. You will be credible.

So, ok, you get WHY they are needed....Now, the next bit.... the tech!

I know it can seem daunting at first, but I'm here to tell you (heck, show you), it really doesn't have to be. I am VERY VERY simplistic in the way that I teach. I don't do airs and graces and I certainly don't do jargon. If you don't understand someting, I'll show you again until you understand each part of the funnel!

I believe in order to have a successful business you need to be visible

If you aren't being visible, how do you expect people to know about you? 

You can be the most amazing person at what you do in the world, but if you aren't visible, nobody will know you exist. 

In this 2-day event, I'll show you the EXACT steps I take to create your very own funnel for your business and the FB ads to send traffic there!

Bringing you leads and sales on tap.

Client Love - Caroline Chenier

Katie is a funnel queen who can put it all together for you.  

You’re great at what you do!  

Katie is brilliant with funnels!  

Katie is a fabulous sales funnel creator!  

I refer people because you’re good!  

Lisa Johnson- Lisa Johnson Coaching

Imagine how it would feel to be visible to your ideal clients and become known as the go-to person in your industry?

How would it feel to see your list growing daily?

What would it feel like to receive consistant leads from your ideal clients?


Normal price: £999

FAST ACTION PRICE: £799 (for a limited time- SAVING YOU £200) pay in full or in 2 instalments.


Why do you need a funnel? You'll grow your list, increase your visibility, nurture your audience, increase your leads, sales & clients and become the go-to in your field!

What will I get exactly? 

  • I'll save you a shit-load of time..... seriously if you are at the early stages of setting up your first funnel (correctly) and tech isn't your favourite friend, then this will be a God-send to you!

  • A break y'all - there is a glorious 5* hotel, spa access, stunning food and prosecco- and seriously who doesn't need that in their life!

  • It'll ALL be done, right there in a room with me holding your hand (or not, 'cos you'll need that to type with - doh! But, you get my drift!). You'll have a fully functioning Sales Funnel ready to capture and nurture those yummy ideal clients. You'll have FB ads set up and converting those leads right into your funnel. 

  • I've been in business for over 20 years and I've built 10's maybe 100's of funnels for my clients and myself, so you are getting all my knowledge and skills in this area! I offer funnel builds, consultation and FB ads management to my clients, so you're in safe hands.  
  • I'll personally sign up for your funnel to check it works and flows

  • You'll get 2 weeks of FB ads management where I'll feedback and offer any support

  • You'll get a live group call & Q&A 1 week later where we'll troubleshoot any issues, and I'll help, advise and support.

  • Access to a tonne of resources- checklists, swipe files, templates, workbooks- the LOT.

  • The CONFIDENCE to do this time and time again 

  • The swipe files and maps to do this time and time again

  • If you still hate the tech and have no desire to do it all again- hell, at least you'll know that you CAN do it, you'll have a working funnel collecting those leads and growing your list AND you'll have had a luxury night away with awesome women, with spa and prosecco! Can't say fairer than that!  

Thanks for all your help recently with everything. I really appreciate it as a lot has been going on.  

I have really enjoyed working with you and you have really helped on many things for the business.  

I really mean it. I would not have been able to have grown and expanded without you. Thank you

Gayle Berry- Founder Of Blossom & Berry

Thank you so much for all your help and support during my challenge and at all the other times too! You are fabulous and I very much appreciate you!  

Love Gill xxx  

Gillian Devine- Photography Mentor

When & where is it?

It's on Thursday 4th & 5th March 2020

We start at 9.15am Thur and end 2pm Friday.

It's at the stunning 5* Celtic Manor Resort Hotel & Spa, Newport, South Wales.

You can reach Newport in under 2 hours from London by train. 

The rooms are shared (twin) and all food is provided. Lunch on Thur, Dinner Thur night and Breakfast Friday. 

Plus 2 x alcoholic drinks with dinner and soft drink with lunch!

Spa access on the Thur afternoon before dinner and if you can squeeze it in at any other time.

We'll have some light networking at dinner.

What will I need?

You'll need a laptop

I'll be showing you how to set the funnel up in my favourite platforms- Leadpages and Active Campaign (I'll send you a link to set up a free 14day trial before the event)

Pen & Paper

Swimwear for the spa

and YOU! 


* I'll sign up for your funnel

* I'll monitor your FB ads for 2 weeks and feedback improvements 

* You'll have a live Q&A session 1 week later with me for help, advice and support

More client feedback

You’re the most magical woman! I’m overwhelmed with so much peace! NO way I could have done any of this without you! 

Jada Foster - Writer, Producer, Host

I have been using Katie’s services for three months and I am so pleased I found her. She designed me several sales funnels and has gone above and beyond – the speed at which she delivered them and attention to detail are second to none. I work very quickly and I sometimes find it difficult to find people to keep up – this has not been a problem for Katie and she often second guesses what I need and want. I cannot recommend Katie highly enough.  


Natalie Lancer- Educational Guidance Guru

I am a mum to 2, stepmum to 3 and wife to 1, so believe me when I say I know how it feels to be 'juggling it all', feeling overwhelmed & stressed trying to be everywhere.

Creating a sales funnel allows you to create more automation in your business, creating more time, more freedom and leads on tap!

I love a holiday - and I try to fit in as many as possible, so creating automations and bringing leads in on tap, let's me indulge my favourite hobby!


These are just a few of the results I've helped clients get by setting up their funnels and FB ads for them....

£25k launch. £500 ad spend

£22k launch. £375 ad spend

Grown list to over 1000 in 6 weeks at just under £2/ lead

41p lead for a freebie

£3 webinar sign ups

250 challenge sign ups, lead under £2

£2.50 challenge leads

£20k launch £350 ad spend

Huge challenges, huge list growth, huge launches!


Prefer to pay in 2 monthly instalments?

Join today and split your payments

Value: £999

OFFER PRICE: £799 in full (save £200) or pay in instalments