1:1 Intensive Sales Funnel Building Days

You keep reading how all these successful female entrepreneurs are using sales funnels to grow their businesses. 

How they are receiving leads and growing their list whilst they sleep. 

How they are using sales funnels to reach their ideal clients and growing their business on autopilot.

I'm sure you've heard about sales funnels, but do you know how to make them work for your business?

This could be you!

Roll back a couple of years and the idea of a sales funnel scared me senseless. I had no idea where to start and it seemed so hard and techy. 

My first one took me ages!

Fast forward and I now LOVE them! 

They are a super important strategy to grow your business.

I've seen them work in my businesses and for clients over and over again.

Maybe you want to grow your list.

Maybe you want more visibility.

Maybe you need more leads and are looking for more sales and clients.

Sales funnels will make this happen!

I believe in order to have a successful business you need to be visible. 

If you aren't being visible, how do you expect people to know about you? 

You can be the most amazing person at what you do in the world, but if you aren't visible, nobody will know you exist. 

In this 1:1 intensive day, I'll be there to share my knowledge and skills with you every step of the way to set up your sales funnel for your business. 

We'll map out the strategy and how your funnel will look, then we'll get creating, to bring you leads on tap.

Imagine how it would feel to be visible to your ideal clients and become known as the go-to person in your industry?

How would it feel to see your list growing daily?

What would it feel like to receive consistant leads from your ideal clients?


We'll spend the day at a 5* hotel and spa together.

We'll have spa access, a fluffy robe and slippers, coffee on tap, a gorgeous treatment, delicious lunch and at the end of the day a glass of bubbles to celebrate!

Your price: £997 (for a limited time)  

You'll grow your list, increase your visibility, increase your leads, sales & clients.

Gayle Berry- Founder Of Blossom & Berry

Thanks for all your help recently with everything. I really appreciate it as a lot has been going on.  

I have really enjoyed working with you and you have really helped on many things for the business.  

I really mean it. I would not have been able to have grown and expanded without you. Thank you

What will we get done?

We'll map out your funnel strategy, then we'll start creating the content and start building. 

We'll look at your freebie, landing page, thank you page, email nurture sequence and FB ads.

We'll look at your branding and check that it all flows as it should.

A week later we'll have a follow-up call to check that we are all ready to go and check it all works as it should.


In addition you will get FREE access to my Sales Funnel Society- course.

There are numerous videos of pre-recorded content showing you how to set up a sles funnel, that you have access to, to watch over and over again if you need a little extra help.

There are also over 15 workbooks, guides, checklists and worksheets to accompany this course. 


* In the course, there is a bonus video showing you how to create beautifully branded graphics for your funnel using Canva

* I have included access to 15 workbooks, checklists, guides etc. You'll learn about branding, ideal clients and loads more to ensure you have the knowledge at your finger tips.

* You'll learn the basics to setting up your FB ads

Jada Foster - Writer, Producer, Host

You’re the most magical woman! I’m overwhelmed with so much peace! NO way I could have done any of this without you! 

I am a mum to 2, stepmum to 3 and wife to 1, so believe me when I say I know how it feels to be 'juggling it all', feeling overwhelmed & stressed trying to be everywhere.

Creating a sales funnel allows you to create more automation in your business, creating more time, more freedom and leads on tap!

Plus who doesn't love a day of self-care, whilst learning and growing their business. It's literally a perfect day!

Gabi Gogan- Life & Transformation Coach: 

Really enjoyed our session earlier Katie, thank u. Can’t wait for next week x


Sign up for just £997 today and get your 1:1 date booked in now! 

Your price: £997 

When are the intensive days?

Don't fret, I have a mimimum of two days available every month, so we'll find a date to suit you.

Where are they held?

I usually hold them at the Celtic manor 5* Resort & Spa close to my home in South Wales. I can also hold them in Cardiff or Bristol for no additional charge. Need me to come to you? Message me and let's arrange something!

If you are ready to get booked in or want to ask about a specific date email me at help@katiecolellasocial.co.uk or message me on FB here